4 Excellent Reasons to Invest in Call Tracking

No matter what business you are in, the age of mobile phones has made one thing clear: calls are king. Insurance, home services, finance, and other verticals have all seen the surge in customer calls thanks to ease of mobile search and “click-to-call.”

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What remains critical is a thorough understanding of the ways your business can leverage all these calls. This is where call tracking comes in. The best call tracking software will give your business broader insights on all your calls than you might have ever had before. To understand what specific needs call tracking software can fill, take a closer look at how call tracking addresses common business pain points.

1. You Want to Know What Is Driving Your Calls

The greatest value that most businesses get from using call tracking is the attribution for their calls. This occurs by using website call tracking to get a clear vision of any click-to-call or paid search ads, while using a call tracking number can inform you on both offline and online calls. Through website call tracking you can even get data that tells you what keywords may be most responsible for your inbound calls.


2. If High Quality Calls Are Important to You

Call tracking software can also be a powerful asset to any business that is seeking to focus on higher-quality calls. You can set customized filtering to decide which calls actually get through. Plus, the best call tracking software will use automated call scoring, saving your business precious resources by not having to manually score and screen every single call.


3. You Think Your Business Should Be More Agile

If your business focuses heavily on ROI-driven marketing, then you know that flexibility and the option to make incremental changes are monumentally important. Once you have access to the best call analytics software, you can easily experiment with your marketing strategy to find new ways to boost your ROI.


For example, an analytical look into your call volume throughout the day could lead you to shift which hours you are accepting calls—perhaps closing sooner when call volume is low or taking calls earlier to exploit new opportunities.

4. You’re Interested in a Comprehensive View of Your Business

How can you get a comprehensive overview of your business and marketing campaigns? Using the best call tracking analytics will let you get a big picture view of your campaign trends or drill down into granular details that may have hidden insights. Call analytics lets you see detailed reporting on what your cost of acquisition is, which channels are generating the highest quality leads, how your web traffic responds to call ads and so many other data points that factor into your ROI.


You can even see your business across the expanse of time—get real-time reporting during your campaign, or play with the highly sought-after predictive analytics function to see how certain changes will affect your future bottom line. By applying the sophisticated tools of call tracking software to your business, make data-driven decisions to increase your conversion rates and ROI.

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